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LO1BL   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Apple
LO1BLK   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Black
LO1BYC   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Camel
LO1B   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Chocolate Brown
LO1BCN   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Cogniac
LO1BO   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Orange
LO1BP   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Purple
LO1BR   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Red
LO1BY   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Yellow
EL4XBL   Elana Messenger Bag - Black
EL4XC   Elana Messenger Bag - Camel
EL4XCH   Elana Messenger Bag - Chocolate
EL4XR   Elana Messenger Bag - Rust
GE2MA   Flap Bag - Aqua
GE2MBL   Flap Bag - Black
GE2MB   Flap Bag - Brown
GE2MBR   Flap Bag - Burgundy
GE2MC   Flap Bag - Camel
GE2MCH   Flap Bag - Chocolate
GE2ML   Flap Bag - Lime
GE2MR   Flap Bag - Rust
ES2BLK   Hobo Bag - Black
ES2BR   Hobo Bag - Brown
ES2OL   Hobo Bag - Olive
ES2R   Hobo Bag - Red
LT1   Italian Leather Shopper - Black
BN1   Italian Leather Shopper - Brown
CM1   Italian Leather Shopper - Camel
DO1   Italian Leather Shopper - Dark Olive
MS1   Italian Leather Shopper - Mustard
PK1   Italian Leather Shopper - Pink
TP1   Italian Leather Shopper - Taupe
TQ1   Italian Leather Shopper - Turquoise
TT1   Italian Leather Tooled Tote - Black & Silver
COR4A   Viva Bags Satchel - Aqua
COR4BL   Viva Bags Satchel - Black
COR4BR   Viva Bags Satchel - Brown
COR4B   Viva Bags Satchel - Burgundy
COR4C   Viva Bags Satchel - Camel
COR4CH   Viva Bags Satchel - Chocolate
COR4L   Viva Bags Satchel - Lime
COR4RB   Viva Bags Satchel - Royal Blue
COR4RU   Viva Bags Satchel - Rust

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