About Viva Bags of California
Handcrafted in Los Angeles since 1981.

Viva Bags of California is a Los Angeles based designer and manufacturer of high quality fashion handbags, belts and accessories. Viva Bags is known worldwide for quality, style and functionality. To maintain the high level of design excellence, viva personnel travel the world in search of the finest leathers, fabrics, hardware and trims. Viva handbags are designed for the moment but constructed to last a lifetime.

Viva bags of California was formed in 1981 by two old world leather craftsmen who brought over 40 years of leather trade experience to their fledgling new venture/ Their innovative design and marketing approach and attention to quality and function quickly made Viva a leader to the highly competitive U.S. handbag market.

The new and current ownership has expanded distribution. Viva Bags is well known in Japan a market known for its demand for high quality, innovative and branded product.

Twenty-six years ago Irma Castillo, now the new owner of Viva Bags of California fell in love. Her passion was directed toward her relationship with Viva Bags of California where she worked in bookkeeping, sales, production and aspects of design.

Irma comes from humble beginnings in a small town in Northern Mexico. She left her active homeland and came to this country at the age of 14 and lived in Arizona and later moved to Los Angeles where she met her husband, got married and has 2 children. Her heritage has given her a deep sense of loyalty, dedication, and passion. These very passions gave her the hope and desire to achieve her dream of someday acquiring and owning Viva. Her inspiration also comes from her native home’s history. The Maya’s resourcefulness to make and create something lasting! She is proud of making the Viva collection in the United States which reflects her heart felt gratitude and devotion for her new home. She in return helps keep other American’s working. She has been successful in doing this by offering clients immediate deliveries; private label programs and by responding quickly to fashion trends, creating unique presentations and fashion statements.

Irma’s vision includes a commitment to building strong personal relationship with her employees, vendors and customers. Her dedication to hard work blended with an equal mix of joy and enthusiasm for life, are reflected in each of her beautifully handcrafted bags.

Production: Viva designs and manufactures its full line of productions at its 5000 square foot state of the art facility in Los Angeles California. Viva uses precision cutting equipment and the latest in stitching technology to insure that each handbag is constructed to match the designer detailed specification.
Production efficiencies start with design. Viva designer, pattern makers and production staff reworks each handbag many times before it is placed into production.

This insures that each handbag can be manufactured to meet Viva’s high quality standards. Viva’s most important manufacturing resource is its highly skilled production staff. Production is organized into quality groups, each of which is responsible for the entire construction process for handbags. Many production employees have been with Viva for over fifteen years and have tremendous skills and versatility.

The name “Viva Bags Of California”has gain strong brand recognition. More and more retail customers are requesting the productions of Viva. Viva knows the value of this to your retail sales. We offer consistent and eager support in letting your customers know that you carry “Viva Bags Of California”.

Customer Service:
In today’s difficult retail climate, extraordinary customer service has become an essential tool in developing a loyal relationship with your customers… loyalty that translates to increased and return business. Viva Bags Of California proudly stands behind its products and maintains prompt and friendly service in order for you to pass the same along to you valued customers.
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