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EN1BG   Clutch Envelope- Tooled Brown Gold
EN5B   Clutch Envelope-B;ack Croco
EN2B   Clutch Envelope-Beige Croco
EN3C   Clutch Envelope-Camel Croco
EN4B   Clutch Envelope-Red Croco
CO1BLL   Clutch with Tassel- Brushed Blue leaf
CO1BRL   Clutch with Tassel- Brushed Brown leaf
CO1GL   Clutch with Tassel- Brushed Gold leaf
CO1TBKS   Clutch with Tassel- Tooled Brown Gold
CO1B   Clutch with Tassel-Beige Croco
CO1BK   Clutch with Tassel-Black Croco
CO1BKF   Clutch with Tassel-Black Feathers
CO1BF   Clutch with Tassel-Brown Feathers
CO1CM   Clutch with Tassel-Camel Croco
CO1CF   Clutch with Tassel-Camel Feathers
CO1CO   Clutch with Tassel-Coral Croco
CO1R   Clutch with Tassel-Red Croco
CO1S   Clutch with Tassel-Seafoam Croco
LO1BL   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Apple
LO1BLK   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Black
LO1BYC   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Camel
LO1BO   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Orange
LO1BR   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Red
LO1BY   Cross Body Messenger Bag - Yellow
EL4XAS   Elana Messenger Bag - Antique Silver
EL4XBL   Elana Messenger Bag - Black
EL4XC   Elana Messenger Bag - Camel
EL4XCH   Elana Messenger Bag - Chocolate
EL4XCO   Elana Messenger Bag - Cognac
EL4XR   Elana Messenger Bag - Rust
GE2MR   Flap Bag - Rust
FLCHBE   Florence Clutch-Quilted Beige
FLCH-BLK   Florence Clutch-Quilted Black
FLY   Florence Clutch-Quilted Navy
FLB   Florence Handle Clutch-Black
FLC   Florence Handle Clutch-Coral
FLP   Florence Handle Clutch-Pink
FLW   Florence Handle Clutch-White
AH1-12   Italian Leather Shopper - Black Dist. Marble
AH105   Italian Leather Shopper - Coral
AH1-02   Italian Leather Shopper - Gray Camouflage
AH1-01   Italian Leather Shopper - Green Camouflage
AH1TM   Italian Leather Shopper - Metallic Tan
AH18   Italian Leather Shopper - Mustard
AH19   Italian Leather Shopper - Orange
AH17   Italian Leather Shopper - Orange Dist. Marble
AH108   Italian Leather Shopper - Sparkling Green
AH107   Italian Leather Shopper - Sparkling Wine
AH1-03   Italian Leather Shopper - Yellow Camo.
LM1NW   La Marketa- Navy waxed Canvas-white leather
LM1L   La Marketa- Squared Linen
LM1GB   La Marketa-Gray-Black
PYV1   Pyramid Vintage Frame -Beige
PYV3   Pyramid Vintage Frame bag-Black Pewter
PYV2   Pyramid Vintage Frame bag-Taupe
6012BKB   Satchel Dr. Bag Black-Brown
6012BM   Satchel Dr. Bag Blue Multi
6012BRB   Satchel Dr. Bag Brown Black
6012R   Satchel Dr. Bag Red
6012WMU   Satchel Dr. Bag White Multi
6012WME   Satchel Dr. Bag White Metallic
PYV5X   Vintage Frame bag-Cobalt blue
PYV4   Vintage Frame bag-Orange
E6009   Viva Bags Fiesta Clutch - Black Metallic
D6009   Viva Bags Fiesta Clutch - Blue Multi
B6009   Viva Bags Fiesta Clutch - Red
C6009   Viva Bags Fiesta Clutch - White Metallic
A6009   Viva Bags Fiesta Clutch - White Multi
COR4A   Viva Bags Satchel - Aqua
COR4BL   Viva Bags Satchel - Black
COR4BR   Viva Bags Satchel - Brown
COR4B   Viva Bags Satchel - Burgundy
COR4C   Viva Bags Satchel - Camel
COR4CH   Viva Bags Satchel - Chocolate
COR4L   Viva Bags Satchel - Lime
COR4RB   Viva Bags Satchel - Royal Blue
COR4RU   Viva Bags Satchel - Rust
WBR1   Wine Carrier -Brown Cork Leather handle
WC2   Wine Carrier -Natural Cork
WC1   Wine Carrier -Natural Cork-gold
WNV1   Wine Carrier -Navy Cork

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